Allows configuration of iAPS notifications. Adjust based on your preferences.

Notifications can be enabled/disabled by toggling Allow Notifications on/off in iPhone Settings > Notifications > iAPS.


Show glucose on the app badge

This will add your current glucose on top of your iAPS icon.

Always Notify Glucose

A notification will be triggered every time your glucose is updated in iAPS.

Always play alert sound

This will cause a sound to be triggered by every iAPS notification.

Also add source info

The source of the glucose reading will be added to the notification.


Set this to the highest value you want a low glucose notification to be triggered at.


Set this to the lowest value you want a high glucose notification to be triggered at.

Carbs Required Threshold

iAPS may predict you at risk of having a low blood sugar event, and will accordingly recommend you consume a suggested amount of carbs. Carbs Required Threshold determines the minimum amount of carbs required before iAPS can send a notification.