Temporary Targets



  • Pack a snack when you plan to exercise

  • Set a high temptarget 1-2 hours before your exercise

  • Enable exercise related settings in preferences to reduce insulin delivered while exercising

Exercise can have immediate and long term effects on glycemic control. Generally individuals will find their blood sugar drops during intense exercise, and continues to drop for 3-4 hours after. They may also experience increased insulin sensitivity for 24 hours after exercise.

It is important to consume enough slow-acting carbohydrates before and after your exercise session. Pack a snack in case a source of simple carbs is needed during your routine.

iAPS has some quality of life features that can make exercise easier to do while looping. When you plan to exercise, set a temptarget approximately 3 mmol/L or 54 mg/dL above your normal target 2 hours before your exercise. If you have SMB enabled, be sure that “Allow SMB With High Temptarget” is disabled. Finally, you can enable “High Temptarget Raises Sensitivity” to prevent iAPS from providing too much insulin during exercise.



  • Set a low temptarget 1-2 hours before meals to help with spikes

  • Enable “Low Temptarget Lowers Sensitivity” to allow for greater insulin delivery

If you plan to eat soon, you may want iAPS to provide you extra room to fill up on carbs. One way you can do this is by setting a temptarget approximately 1 mmol/L or 18 mg/dL below your target, 1-2 hours prior to meals. You can also enable “Low Temptarget Lowers Sensitivity” to give yourself more insulin for the upcoming meal and to bring your blood sugar down faster to the pre-meal range.