OpenAPS Documentation

The first place to start if you want to learn more about the underlying algorithm, is the extensive OpenAPS documentation. OpenAPS is the underlying algorithm that iAPS implements to control blood sugar, with small modifications mostly pertaining to the Dynamic settings.

AndroidAPS Documentation

AndroidAPS implements the same OpenAPS algorithm with dynamic enhancements and maintains an extensive documentation for new users. Recommend if you have additional questions, you skim through its documentation for your answer.

Loop Documentation

iAPS is a fork of Loop. While their underlying algorithms are different, they share some parts of their code base. Its recommended you take a quick glance in the Loop Docs for your issue, especially if it relates to pump usage and build errors. Many of these documents have been adapted from Loopdocs.

Community Support

There are many help groups surrounding iAPS. It is likely someone else has has your issue in the past. Please visit the Discord and Facebook channels and review previous chat logs to find a solution. If you are a BC Diabetes Looper, please request a link to their Slack group from your case manager.