• Recommended Insulin Fraction: Increase to reduce initial spiking with meals; there is a risk of lows if you miscount carbs or your ICR is too aggressive

Glucose Units

Allows you to toggle between mmol/L and mg/dL blood glucose units.

Remote Control

Allows for remote control of FAX using Nightscout.

Duplicate Delivery Risk

Please read before using remote features

We want to highlight a very important risk before you get started.

For safety, always assume a previous remote carb / bolus was delivered whether it shows in Nightscout iAPS. For motivation think of the following example:

You send a 5 unit remote bolus. The bolus is delivered to the Looper. Nightscout is having a temporary technical issue and doesn’t show the bolus was received. You are watching Nightscout and you don’t see a delivery so you assume it failed. You send another remote 5 unit bolus. The second 5 unit bolus is delivered to the Looper (10 Units total).

You can see the danger of sending duplicate bolus/carbs so be careful. If a remote bolus/carb entry doesn’t show in Nightscout/Caregiver, use your own judgment on whether enough time has passed to try again.

To use, navigate to your connect nightscout instance. Click the lock icon on the top right and enter your API-Secret. Next, click the now visible “+” sign on the top right. A “Log a Treatment” menu will open up.

To enter carbs, select the “carb correction” event type. Fill in the required blanks and click “Submit Form”. iAPS will read any carb entries in Nightscout and adjust insulin delivery as configured.

To configure loop status, pump or to bolus:

  1. Select the “announcement” event type.

  2. For “entered by” enter remote (Before iAPS-main v2.3.3 it was freeaps-x-remote instead)

  3. In additional notes state one of the following options:

  • To bolus, enter bolus:(amount) (ex: bolus:0.5).

  • To control pump, enter either pump:suspend or pump:resume.

  • To control looping, enter either looping:true or looping:false

  • To control temporary basal rate, enter tempbasal:(rate),(minutes) (ex: tempbasal:0,60 to set temporary basal rate at 0 U/hr for 60 minutes)

Note that remote configurations with announcement-type events can only be performed every 10 minutes.

Skip Bolus screen after carbs

After entering carbs, a mealtime bolus will not be suggested or delivered.

Display HR on Watch

Displays your current heart rate on your iWatch iAPS app