Adding devices to iAPS is easy. Note that you can only have one pump and one CGM active at the same time. If you want to switch to another pump or CGM, you will have to delete the current device first. When you select a device, you will be guided through the setup of the device with an on-screen guide.


This section allows you to select your insulin delivery system. For more information on supported pumps, see the following link. Omnipod Eros and older Medtronic devices don’t support Bluetooth. These devices require a Rileylink to translate communication between your phone’s Bluetooth signals and the pump’s radio communication signals.

During pump setup, you will be asked to choose your insulin type. This will determine your duration of insulin action and peak activity time. These settings can be changed later.


This section allows you to choose your glucose data source. Most options are self explanatory. For more information on compatible CGMs, please see the following link.

Changing transmitter on Dexcom G5/G6

If you are using a Dexcom G5 or G6 sensor, it is important that you remember to change your transmitter ID in the iAPS app whenever you change transmitter.

xDrip as BG source

xDrip is not recommended with newer versions of the iAPS app, as native connections to CGM are more stable.


This section allows you to add a watch to iAPS. Apple Watch and some Garmin watches are compatible. Using an Apple Watch will allow you to add carbs, bolus and set a temporary target from your watch, in addition to showing BG, IOB, COB, etc. Garmin watches will only display data, and will not let you interact by adding carbs or insulin.