Device Configuration

This section covers the first two sections of iAPS settings: Closed loop and Devices.

Closed loop

Closed loop is disabled by default. This means iAPS is unable to make adjustments autonomously. The system relies on you approval of its actions until you enable Closed loop.

Should I enable It?

Closed loop allows the system to make insulin adjustments automatically. Your end goal for looping is to enable this setting to reduce the time spent managing your diabetes. However, entering closed loop too early can make it difficult for new loopers wanting to optimize their application settings. If this is your first time looping, it is recommended you keep this setting disabled initially, and ensure your profile settings (ICR, ISF, basal rates) are properly set. You should monitor iAPS’s predictions and suggestions and see if they are appropriate for you. See the corresponding sections on ICR, ISF and basal rates for more information on their adjustment.

I’ve been using Loop. Can I just copy my settings?

No. Users coming from Loop usually have to make big changes to their ISF and ICR settings. Copying the settings you had in Loop will usually cause iAPS to give less insulin than you need. Please go through the steps of monitoring iAPS predictions and adjust your settings accordingly. You should also read the section on transitioning from other closed loop solutions.

Remember that everyone’s diabetes is different and there is no one size fits all, so take your time optimizing your settings.